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The end of winter can involve a long list of steps when it comes to the maintenance and care of your lawn. Getting your lawn ready for spring doesn’t necessarily have to be a hassle, as there are a number of attachments for your John Deere lawn tractor to help make the process a lot easier.

Let’s take a look at some of the best suited attachments for spring.

  1. Hydraulic Tiller- Used for preparing seed beds and controlling weeds in a wide range of terrains. The hydraulic tiller breaks up dense soil, which is great for getting through partially thawed dirt leftover from winter.
  2. Box Scraper- The box scraper’s sharp edges can cut through any type of gravel, dirt, sand or rock, which makes it ideal for tough digging and levelling yard jobs.
  3. John Deere Bagger- Bagging involves picking up debris and avoiding weed seeds or diseased clippings from being dispersed. The John Deere bagger is a handy attachment for keeping a consistent lawn appearance during the spring when everything is starting to grow back.
  4. Snow Blower- This attachment is suitable to use in climates where snow still falls into early spring and can help to clear driveways and walkways.
  5.  Mower Deck- Mower decks are suitable for use during the spring months because they provide excellent cut quality and high productivity due to dispersing clippings evenly for a finished appearance.
  6. Weather Enclosures- Can be used for unpredictable weather- either rain or shine. They come in a few different options with either hard or soft cabs.
  7. Grass Groomer- Grass groomers can help give your lawn a brand-new look for spring. Certain groomers also come with a lawn striping kit for applying patterns easily.
  8. Mulch Control- This attachment is suitable for individuals who are indecisive about mulching or bagging clippings. Mulch control allows you to switch back and forth between the two.
  9. Pull-Type Spin Spreader- Spreaders help to evenly distribute materials across soil and grass.
  10. Sprayer/ Fertiliser- Applying liquid material to a lawn such as fertiliser and weed killer can be a lot easier with a sprayer attachment. Some sprayers include a spray wand, which is helpful for spraying a targeted area.

There are many John Deere lawn tractor attachments that are suitable for spring. Please remember that any attachment can only function properly if your lawn tractor is in prime operating condition. It is important for machine owners to make safety a priority and to ensure that all equipment is maintained and ready for the busiest time of the year.

If you have any questions on John Deereā€™s line of lawn tractor attachments, you can contact your local Deere dealer

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