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The John Deere 7R series tractors are designed to combine the versatility of a utility tractor with enough power to perform almost any task. From fuel efficiency to 360-degree lighting, the 7230R has several features that make a long day on the field feel much shorter.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the 7230R’s stand out features.

Power and efficiency

The 7230R has sufficient horsepower to get the job done. This model features a 9L PowerTech PVX engine with up to 280 hp at rated speed. These powerful engines take a “diesel only” approach to Stage III B compliance standards so overall performance isn’t sacrificed by fuel efficiency.

CommandView II cab

The inside of the 7230R resembles an ‘office on wheels’ with the CommandView II cab. The cab features a spacious interior, large glass surfaces, a comfortable operator’s seat and plenty of storage space. The roof integrated air conditioning system will keep you cool on even the warmest days and can be controlled using the remote control in the armrest. While staying cool, block out any outside noise by listening to your favourite music on high quality speakers and the subwoofer that is built into the cab.

Active command steering

The 7230R has dynamic, stability control steering to help minimise fatigue and improve operator comfort. The 7230R’s steering system works by adjusting the road-wheel angle based on the lateral acceleration of the tractor. This feature helps the vehicle stay on-line when driving over rough and bumpy terrain. Variable ratio and effort steering make control even more simple by providing light, agile steering at lower speeds and prevents over steering at higher speeds.

Ag management solutions

The 7230R’s ag management solutions system is designed to relieve some of the stress associated with juggling multiple responsibilities while you’re working out in the field. This system can automate a few tasks that allows you to go hands free such as:

  • AutoTrac- allows the operator to define the correction signal they want to use in the field and reduces overlap by as much as 90 percent.
  • FieldDoc: designed for the operator to have all field application data automatically recorded. From tillage, to seeding, spraying and fertiliser spreading, the operator can record full details of field activities.
  • iGuide: this feature allows your tractor to automatically adjust attachments to compensate for drifting on uneven terrain, which can cause gaps or overlays.
  • iSteer: compensates for drift, thanks to SBG innovative sensors and hydraulics.

360-degree lighting

The 7320R can work all day and night thanks to its 360 degree lighting system. This system ensures there are no dead zones or lighting adjustments required. The cab has 12 lights integrated into the cab roof, 4 adjustable beltline and rear fender lights, high and low beam headlights and 8 field, spot and road lights on the bonnet grille. All lighting can be controlled from within the cab’s CommandCentre.

For more information on the 7230R, contact our sales team.

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