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When there’s plenty of mowing to be done, a John Deere mower that is well maintained will last the distance. Here are some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your John Deere mower.

Store your fuel the right way

It’s best to store fuel inside to avoid changing temperatures. Try not to use galvanised tanks as diesel fuel may interact with zinc to form reactive compounds.

Know when oil consumption is excessive

You can determine whether you’re using too much oil by comparing the amount consumed to the amount of engine run time in hours. Most fuel-powered lawn mower engines should not see their oil level go from “Full” to “Add” on the oil dipstick within 10 hours of use.

Use the right grease

John Deere multi-purpose SD polyurea grease, John Deere multi-purpose HD lithium complex grease, and John Deere moly high temperature EP grease are best to use on your John Deere mower and can be applied with a pistol grip grease gun.

Install blade correctly

It’s very important to ensure that the mower blade has been installed correctly. When a blade is installed upside down it can cause an uneven cut due to the backside of the blade being used as the cutting edge. You can remove the blade by taking off the mower deck and placing it on the ground. Use a 15 mm wrench or a 15 mm socket with a ratchet to loosen the bolts holding the blades.

Know when to bag and mulch yard clippings

Try to avoid mulching when the lawn is too long or wet from rain or dew as this can cause the grass to clump. When bagging, try to collect all the leaves and grass in one go. If you prefer your lawn to grow long, the bagger will pick up long grass to leave a clean look.

Try to improve performance

To improve the performance of your mower, sharpen new blades and clean the mower deck regularly. Only run the engine at wide, open throttle when you’re mowing and be sure to adjust your mower gauge wheels as instructed in your operator’s manual. You should also try not to cut more than one third of the grass blade off in one mowing.

For more information on how to get the most out of your John Deere mower, contact the Service or Parts team at Agriquip Machinery. 

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