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John Deere have recently introduced a factory-installed payload weighing system that can be equipped to four-wheel-drive L-series wheel loaders.

The new payload weighing system, integrated with Topcon is available on the 744L, 824L and 844L models and is designed to increase productivity by maximising the operator workflow.

John Deere recognises that their customers are busy managing busy work schedules and are looking for opportunities to streamline jobs and boost productivity.

“With this new system, operators can quickly weigh and calculate loads, ensuring they accurately and consistently achieve target payloads. This streamlines the load-out process while allowing operators to focus on getting the job done,” said Andrew Kahler, product marketing manager at John Deere.

The new system enables operators to weigh while they work, reducing interruptions and increasing the number of jobs they complete in a day. Operators can quickly achieve accurate payload targets, reducing the need to correct payloads by unloading material, while also limiting the risk of overload fines. The system’s overload alarm alerts the operator when the wheel loader’s payload has exceeded the user defined limit, helping to reduce excessive tire wear.

Inside the cab a touchscreen display shows current payload information, eliminating guesswork and the live tip-off function provides customers with the ability to adjust the final load.

The system is also able to collect data production, which helps the operator make informed decisions and is integrated with JDLink™ telematics, allowing users to track and visualise payload data within the JDLink™ Portal and JDLink™ Mobile. The user can then export data via USB or a printed receipt.

The factory-installed system features protected components, including boom and chassis harnesses and sensors mounted in secure locations, reducing the risk of damage.

To learn more about the new payload weighing system for John Deere L-Series wheel loaders, contact our team.

Source: https://rockroadrecycle.com/john-deere-maximizes-productivity-with-the-new-payload-weighing-system-for-l-series-wheel-loaders/

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