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Compact tractors and skid steers are your ultimate go-to machines for accessing tight spots or nice yards for more efficient and effective tree work. What are tree contractors and farms using for handling barrels, logs and brush? Find out in this wrap up of machines or call the team at Agriquip for more information.

  • Articulated wheel loaders, with telescoping grapple-bucket can be flexible powerful machines and don’t tear up lawns. bucket, grapple, and forks.
  • A 4 Series John Deere can be the ultimate machine for less yard damage & better visibility than skid steer and excellent lifting capacity.
  • Skid Steers can even be used on personal property for everything from driveway work, mowing, or putting out hay for the animals. Very versatile.
  • On uneven ground or for winter work you can get improved ground clearance with a Compact Tractor.
  • On tree jobs a large bucket can easily haul a stump grinder, debris rake, and it will pull all typs of  chippers on level ground. Add a back hoe, root rake grapple, forks, and Auger a 3 point hitch with a 2 inch receiver.. and you can go on and on – all on the same machine!



The biggest advantages with your equipment choice is being able to show up at a tree removal job, haul off the wood, grind the stump, seed the yard, get paid, and leave in one trip depending on your choice of attachments. No sore backs from crew members flipping wood into the back of the truck, no sore legs from having to log cart the wood out of the back yard and up the ramps into the trailer.

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